Category : Activities For Dementia

Tech Plus 8

The Tech Plus 8 is a multi-level AAC device designed to aid communication throug..

Partner Plus Communication Device Double

The Partner Plus Communication Device can be joined together to be a dual messag..

Language Cards

Language Cards are a deck of 31, extra-large, double-sided cards, each with a hi..

Starry Night Squishy Pad

We respectfully call this gel pad the “Starry Night Squishy Pad”. Designed t..

Plumbers Pal Pipes

Plumbers Pal Pipes is a great activity or gift for the handyman or woman, this s..

Conversations Picture Cards-All Five Sets

"Conversations" Picture Cards are clear, crisp, colorful photos (not drawings) o..

Gel-Wave Pad

Gel-Wave Pad's unique design allows the user to: Move plastic disks through brig..

Tote II Middle To Late Stages

Tote II Middle To Late Stage was designed to give the in home or visiting caregi..

Tote I Early To Middle Stages

Tote I Early To Middle Stage was designed to give the in home or visiting caregi..

Checkers & Checkerboard Large Vinyl Roll-Up

This jumbo black and red checker board measures 20" x 20" and is vinyl, so it ca..

Strengthen Your Mind Volumes I and II

Strengthen Your Mind Volumes I & II are designed for people in the early sta..

Montessori-Based Activities for People with Dementia Vol II

Montessori-Based Activities For People With Dementia introduces stimulating inte..

Everyday Fashions

Everyday Fashions: As Pictured in Sears Catalogs Prepare to be transported back ..

Daily Doses of Nostalgia for Each Season

Did you know that John Wayne was born on May 26, 1907, in Winterset, Iowa? His r..

Coloring Books for Seniors with Dementia

These Sets Of Five Senior Coloring Books for both men and women offer intricate ..

Connect with Color

This coloring book is composed of removable, reproducible, one-sided, heavy-bond..

Reminiscing Through the 20th Century Activity Books

Reminiscing Through The 20th Century Activity Books were created just for senior..

The Big Holiday Book for Seniors

The Big Holiday Book For Seniors is where you’ll find everything you need to p..

Through the Seasons

Mental stimulation has been found to offer demonstrable benefits for people with..

Hollywood Glamour Portraits

This book features 145 black & white, glamour photographs of the most famous..

Gentlemen’s Gatherings

Gentlemen's Gatherings is an activity workbook just for men., Topics deal with "..

Remember Me?

What would you do if one of your grandparents could not remember you? This is a ..

Favorite Hymns

Favorite Hymns - From "Amazing Grace" to "What a Friend," this book has large pr..

Verses From The Bible

Verses from the Bible offers page after page of beautiful stained glass illustra..

Sharpen Your Senses Activity Cards

These cards concentrate on the five senses using imagination and memory to remin..

Emotion Cards

Eighty cards illustrating emotions – from angry to surprised – and related s..

Activity Lock Box For Seniors

It can be difficult finding the perfect tinker toy for the senior in your life. ..

Paint With Water Coloring Books

These no mess paint with water coloring books are the perfect travel companion f..

Busy Board for Alzheimer’s Patients

This therapy board brings everyday items together in an appealing and portable l..

TV Remote For Seniors

For the elderly and those who just aren’t comfortable with all the buttons and..

Massage Pillow

From calming to stimulating, vibrating pillows are becoming a popular way to pro..

Busy Board Activity Board

This therapy board brings everyday items together in an appealing and portable l..

Twiddle Activity Muff

Caregivers often have difficulty finding activities for people with dementia, an..

Mothballs in My Attic

Mothballs in My Attic is a unique fill-in-the-blank workbook, with pages of thou..

I Got It!” Card Game

Middle Stage: To play "I Got It" each player is dealt five regular size playing ..

Magic Painting Book

A magic painting book like you’ve never seen before, with wonderful vibrant co..

Activity Apron

Activity Aprons bright colors and different textures provide visual and tactile ..

Fiddle Hand Muffs

Fiddle HAND Muffs are a type of sensory band, generally a pocket or glove with a..

Ungame for Seniors

When landing on an "If You..." space, the player should read the statement aloud..

Thumball Memory Activity

Thumball is a memory activity game that also enhances dexterity and hand/eye coo..

Partner Plus Communication Device

The Partner Plus Communication Device is a single message communicator made for ..

Activity Pillow

These colorful, denim, sensory stimulation activity pillows were designed specia..

ART Ball – A Fidget Toy

Limitless Creativity, while Fidgeting, in the Palm of Your Hand. For those with..

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