Category : Bathroom Safety

One Moment Please Post-It Notes

Going shopping, to a restaurant, or just out for a drive and worried about him/h..

Shampoo In A Cap-Set of 4

Don't want a shampoo or to get their hair wet, no problem. If ever there were a ..

Rinse-Free Shampoo

Rinse-Free Shampoo is a dream come true. It allows you to give a shampoo without..

Rinse-Free Bath Concentrate

Rinse-Free Bath Concentrate is a dream come true. For those who wish to save a l..

Bathing Without a Battle (DVD)

Persuading someone with dementia to take a shower who adamantly refuses to bathe..

Rinsefree Wipes

The Rinse-Fee, Pre-Moistened Wipes are a special find and a caregiver luxury. Wh..

Automatic Faucet Control

For those who have trouble adjusting the water temperature, turning the handles,..

Mouth Care Without A Battle

Mouth Care Without a Battle© is an evidence-based approach to person-centered d..

Anti Scald Device

When you turn on the hot water in your home it will gradually get warmer and war..

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