Category : Middle Stage

SAFENBED™ Bed Exit Alarm

Be there when help is needed - regardless of age, most people need 7 – 8 hours..

Table Setting Placemat – Non-Slip

Setting the table is one of those tasks which are low risk and yet engages with ..

Pull Cord Alarm – AliMed

The IQ Mini Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm features a small design to help deter patie..

36 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

These 36 piece puzzles are ideal for individuals suffering from Alzheimer's dise..

Motion Detector Night Light

The perfect, low-cost solution for patients who wander or frequently get up at n..

Therapeutic Junior Teddy Bears

The Junior Bears have all the charm and sweetness of the Therapeutic Teddy Bear,..

Table Top Illuminator

Blys™ is a sleek, modern light source designed with the specific needs of elde..

Weighted Teddy Bear

A furry animal friend can help calm a dementia patient and soothe aches and pain..

Invisible Cabinet Lock – Extra Key

It's always smart to have extra keys on hand for the cabinet lock!..

Jigsaw Wooden Puzzle – 20 Piece

Memory Jogging Puzzles are used to rebuild cognitive skills and stimulate memori..

Therapeutic Elephant

A furry animal friend can help calm a child, soothe aches and pains, speed heali..

Toilet Safety Rails

Our Toilet Safety Rail is a major help for those with Alzheimer's, dementia and ..

Portable Folding Commode – Drive Medical

Drive Medical Folding Steel Commode meets your needs for an easy-to-deploy commo..

Wheelchair Silver Sport

The Silver Sport Manual Wheelchair from Drive is an economical, safe and dependa..

Physical Therapy Jacket – Women

Finally an answer to the age-old questions: What to wear to surgery? What to wea..

Jigsaw Wooden Puzzle – 6 Piece

Memory Jogging Puzzles are used to rebuild cognitive skills and stimulate memori..

Physical Therapy T-Shirt – Men

Finally an answer to the age-old questions: What to wear to surgery? What to wea..

Favorite Things Nature Collection DVD

Favorite Things Nature DVD is a collection of eight photo slideshows of many of ..

Weighted Cutlery

Elegant in style, these stainless steel, weighted utensils are designed to help ..

One Moment Please Post-It Notes

Going shopping, to a restaurant, or just out for a drive and worried about him/h..

Ambient Water DVD

Ambient Water DVD is the ultimate video aquarium. It's all the fun of an aquariu..

Ambient Art DVD

Ambient Art DVD turns your TV into an Impressionist Art Gallery! This DVD is a c..


Attractive and dignified, NEATsheets are disposable, sanitary and easily adhere ..

Door Stop Sign

The Door Stop Sign is a large, highly visible stop sign that presents a strong m..

Emergency Medical Alert ID Card

MyMDLife offers the most comprehensive medical profile available among urgent ca..

Memories In Song

Memories in Song -- Brightening the Dementia Journey with Music for Reminiscing,..

Sunday Morning Church DVD

It may be difficult for a person to go to church but All are Welcome in this Sun..

Therapeutic Music Care CDs

Therapeutic Music Care CDs is a recommended tool for the caregiver's music care ..

Tech Plus 8

The Tech Plus 8 is a multi-level AAC device designed to aid communication throug..

Partner Plus Communication Device Double

The Partner Plus Communication Device can be joined together to be a dual messag..

Dementia Day Clock

Our specially adapted dementia day clock can give Alzheimer's patients the abili..

Calendar Clock

Our unique Calendar Clock has a neat, uncomplicated layout which is uncluttered ..

SlimLine Breathable Briefs

The SlimLine Breathable Brief is a soft, cloth-like outer layer with breathable ..

Incontinence Booster Pads – Tranquility

Booster Pads are intended to be paired with any brand of disposable absorbent pr..

All Through The Night Disposable Briefs

Tranquility All Through the Night Disposable Briefs have maximum capacity in a d..

Adult Overnight Underwear

Sensitive subjects mean sensitive choices, and choosing the right incontinence s..

Adult Diaper Disposal Pail Refills – Akord

It is not uncommon for those living with incontinence to wear adult diapers and ..

Garden Delights DVD

Relax and enjoy the ultimate in gardening experiences. Garden Delights DVD featu..

Adult Liners – Tranquility

These adult liners are designed with an adhesive strip on the back for secure pl..

SafePresence® Replacement Sensor Pads

The SafePresence® and The SAFENBED™ Alert System Replacement Sensor Pads and ..

Language Cards

Language Cards are a deck of 31, extra-large, double-sided cards, each with a hi..

Do Not Enter Signs

This bold, highly visible“DO NOT ENTER” sign can be placed on doors leading ..

Refrigerator Lock For Adults – With Padlock

There can be a symptom in dementia where the person's appetite is insatiable. Ce..

Starry Night Squishy Pad

We respectfully call this gel pad the “Starry Night Squishy Pad”. Designed t..

Plumbers Pal Pipes

Plumbers Pal Pipes is a great activity or gift for the handyman or woman, this s..

Floor Mat With Alarm

This floor mat alarm is very durable. The remote signal receiver can be placed a..

Wheelchair Anti-Tipping Device

The “anti-tippers” attach to any wheelchair and, like training wheels, and p..

Conversations Picture Cards-All Five Sets

"Conversations" Picture Cards are clear, crisp, colorful photos (not drawings) o..

Door Alarm Monitor – EXTRAS

The Alzheimer’s Store works hard to provide products that help decrease stress..

Fall Prevention Alarm

This high-quality fall prevention alarm is different from others because, instea..

Extra Motion Detector – Voice Alert

It a smart idea to have an extra Motion Detector For The Patient Monitor With Re..

Gel-Wave Pad

Gel-Wave Pad's unique design allows the user to: Move plastic disks through brig..

Love To Fish DVD

Love To Fish DVD is a superb collection of fishing scenes, meticulously crafted,..

A Walk in the Garden

A Walk In The Garden large print book lays flat and features verses from poetry ..

BlueBeacon Communicator

BlueBeacon™ Indoor Location Awareness is a battery operated self-contained dev..

Automatic Medication Dispenser – Replacement Lid

Here is a replacement lid for MedReady Automatic Medication Dispenser(item #0032..

Motion Detector With Remote Alarm

Taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient can pose many significant challenges, an..

Door Alarm: Monitor with Remote Plug-In Alarm – Set

Taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient can pose many significant challenges, an..

Adult Bibs – Reversible

Get two bibs in one! These attractive adult bibs are the perfect clothing protec..

Physical Therapy Pants for Women – Reboundwear

Made of the highest quality fabrics with wicking and anti-microbial properties. ..

Post Shoulder Surgery Women’s Shirt – Reboundwear

Made of the highest quality fabrics with wicking and anti-microbial properties. ..

Tell Me So I Know Book

The value of this book is much more than the list of questions. It is a way for ..

Emergency Medical Alert Bracelet

Our fun and stylish purple silicon bracelets, with Premium MyMDLife Membership, ..

Memories:The Songs and Spirit of Christmas

'Memories-The Songs and Spirit of Christmas' CD is comprised of the beautiful Ch..

Illuminated Calendar Clock

Senior Clock is a 24 hour clock/calendar. It works on an electric plug and uses ..

Jigsaw Wooden Puzzle – 12 Piece

Memory Jogging Puzzles are used to rebuild cognitive skills and stimulate memori..

Music For Alzheimers

Music For Alzheimers makes music a part of your everyday schedule! We know that ..

Dementia Caregivers Guide

Dementia Caregivers Guide: Teepa Snow's Positive Approach Techniques for Caregiv..

Pain Assessment Chart

The Pain Assessment Chart is designed to help people communicate when their abil..

Tote II Middle To Late Stages

Tote II Middle To Late Stage was designed to give the in home or visiting caregi..

Tote I Early To Middle Stages

Tote I Early To Middle Stage was designed to give the in home or visiting caregi..

Plate Guard for Eating

Plate Guard is a unique "spill guard" that promotes independence while minimizin..

60 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

These 60 piece puzzles keep you engaged with the bright colors and so many objec..

Checkers & Checkerboard Large Vinyl Roll-Up

This jumbo black and red checker board measures 20" x 20" and is vinyl, so it ca..

The Good Ol Days DVD

Icons of days gone by -- steamboats,and passenger trains -- come to life with th..

Sound Puzzles

It's rare to find jigsaw puzzles that offer the simplicity of just a few pieces,..

Chair Exercise DVDs

These Sit-Down Dancing videos feature Bonnie Noll leading you through easy-to-fo..

Shoulder Shawl

For older family members or friends who are forever cold, the Shoulder Shawl is ..

Old Standards Sing Along Songs – DVDs

Old Standards Sing-Along Songs: Music from the 30's, 40's and 50's – treasures..

Safe Glider Rocker

Here’s a safe, comfortable, rocking glider that also remembers to lock itself ..

Jumbo Slide-Slot Bingo Cards

These large Bingo cards have jumbo windows (1" x 1-1/2") with transparent orange..

Great 24 Piece Puzzles

These award-winning, beautiful, 24-piece puzzles feature well-known works of art..

Four Piece Puzzles

These four piece puzzles offer every opportunity for success. For those in the l..

Everyday Fashions

Everyday Fashions: As Pictured in Sears Catalogs Prepare to be transported back ..

Grab & Pull

Grab & Pull is an easy-to-pull handle that easily attaches to the seatbelt w..

Daily Doses of Nostalgia for Each Season

Did you know that John Wayne was born on May 26, 1907, in Winterset, Iowa? His r..

Cape with Pockets

Similar to the Shoulder Shawl (Item #0123), the Cape with Pockets is larger and ..

Coloring Books for Seniors with Dementia

These Sets Of Five Senior Coloring Books for both men and women offer intricate ..

Adult Daytime Underwear

Premium DayTime Disposable Absorbent Underwear provides outstanding protection a..

“I Have a Condition” Cards

"I Have A Condition" Cards are subtle, dignified cards that can be used to alert..

Wrap With Pockets

The Wrap With Pockets has equal parts of the cape, shawl, and fleece vest - uniq..

Creating a Safe Haven DVD

This presentation will help you create an environment that enhances a sense of c..

Family Moments DVD

Alzheimer's impacts families, caregivers and individuals in so many unexpected w..

It’s Saturday Night DVD

Discover that there are understandable reasons why people with dementia do not l..

Connect with Color

This coloring book is composed of removable, reproducible, one-sided, heavy-bond..

Reminiscing Through the 20th Century Activity Books

Reminiscing Through The 20th Century Activity Books were created just for senior..

The Big Holiday Book for Seniors

The Big Holiday Book For Seniors is where you’ll find everything you need to p..

Through the Seasons

Mental stimulation has been found to offer demonstrable benefits for people with..

Doing Things

Doing Things: A Guide to Programming Activities for Persons with Alzheimer’s D..

Gentlemen’s Gatherings

Gentlemen's Gatherings is an activity workbook just for men., Topics deal with "..

Remember Me?

What would you do if one of your grandparents could not remember you? This is a ..

Favorite Hymns

Favorite Hymns - From "Amazing Grace" to "What a Friend," this book has large pr..

Verses From The Bible

Verses from the Bible offers page after page of beautiful stained glass illustra..

Songs of Faith CD and Songbook

Songs of Faith CD/Words Book is a collection of the most popular Christian hymns..

Waterproof Mats

Difference? The Peapod Mats are: REUSABLE, high in QUALITY, BREATHABLE and SOFT ..

Sharpen Your Senses Activity Cards

These cards concentrate on the five senses using imagination and memory to remin..

Emotion Cards

Eighty cards illustrating emotions – from angry to surprised – and related s..

Automatic Stove/Oven Control

The CookStop Automatic Oven Control can be used to limit the times when the oven..

Activity Lock Box For Seniors

It can be difficult finding the perfect tinker toy for the senior in your life. ..

Aerobics for the Mind

Research clearly indicates that keeping the mind active helps preserve memory. Y..

Automatic Faucet Control

For those who have trouble adjusting the water temperature, turning the handles,..

Memory Phone

It’s easy to forget a phone number or have difficulty navigating the buttons. ..

Tracking GPS Watch – MX-LOCare™

The MX-LOCare™ Wandering Prevention GPS Watch is perfect for those with Alzhei..

Mouth Care Without A Battle

Mouth Care Without a Battle© is an evidence-based approach to person-centered d..

Safety Glassware

Safety Glassware is a must for the Alzheimer and Dementia communities as well as..

Groundbreaking Memory Collection Therapy

After you place your order, you will receive an email with your unique access co..

Therapeutic Music Care DVD

Therapeutic Music Care DVDs are collections of beautiful images accompanied by g..

Automatic Medication Dispenser – Extra Tray Carousel

In case you need to replace the tray carousel on any of the Automatic Medication..

Automatic Medication Dispenser – Extra Key

Be sure to always have an extra key on hand for any of the Automatic Medication ..

Desk Clock With Day and Date

Clarity, dependability and precision are the three essential attributes of the e..

Wall Clock With Day and Date

The day and date clock is the number one selling clock to alleviate the frustrat..

Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled 25 Alarm Clock

This twenty-five alarm voice-control reminder clock is the new cutting edge prod..

Memory Picture Phone – Amplified

This 10 Button Corded Picture Phone with amplification will ensure that the pers..

Music Duo

When our customers inquired about the best way their loved one with Alzheimer's ..

Paint With Water Coloring Books

These no mess paint with water coloring books are the perfect travel companion f..

Busy Board for Alzheimer’s Patients

This therapy board brings everyday items together in an appealing and portable l..

GPS Smart Sole

This new wandering, tracking device is similar to an orthotic that slides into a..

Electronic Pill Box Dispenser – MedQ

The electronic pill box dispenser is offered in Blue and White. The two colors, ..

Music Player

Playing music to people with dementia from their formative years vastly improves..

Digital Calendar Day Clock – DayClox

This digital calendar clock by DayClox clearly spells out the full DAY of the we..

Automatic Pill Dispenser – MedReady

Select from the famous MedReady pill dispensers and find the device that is righ..

TV Remote For Seniors

For the elderly and those who just aren’t comfortable with all the buttons and..

Favorite Things Seasons DVD Collection

Favorite Things is a series of DVDs created for the enjoyment of those with deme..

Classic Oldies Songs – MP3 Playlist

Sing-Along Oldies Playlists Volume 1 and 2 is a collection of hit songs from the..

Pajamas For Men and Women

Don't make your loved ones with limited mobility settle for an inferior product...

Car Seatbelt Emergency ID Pocket

What would happen to your loved one if, while driving them somewhere, you were d..

Automatic Stove Shut Off Device – iGuardStove

The iGuardStove automatically shuts off your stove when it sees that you have be..

Dial-less Telephone

Our incoming calls only phone is perfect for those whose intentions are good, bu..

Anti Scald Device

When you turn on the hot water in your home it will gradually get warmer and war..

Massage Pillow

From calming to stimulating, vibrating pillows are becoming a popular way to pro..

Blaney – Musical Teddy Bear

Blaney - a musical teddy bear, is a combination of the benefits of music for peo..

Twiddle Activity Muff

Caregivers often have difficulty finding activities for people with dementia, an..

Day Clock

Any clock can tell you the time, but a Day Clock also tells you what day it is. ..

Medication Lock Box for Seniors

Our Medication Lock Box is a key-locking chest that also can be secured to cabin..

Please Be Patient Alzheimer’s Cards

Use these cards to discreetly let someone know that your loved one has Alzheimer..

Invisible Cabinet Lock

With the Invisible Cabinet Lock you cannot open the cabinet door unless you know..

Door Alarm with Keypad

An elderly alert system is the best way to prevent a family member from leaving ..

There Is A Bridge DVD

This groundbreaking documentary will change the way you imagine Alzheimer’s di..

Mobile Medical Alert Pendant – Belle

We've been able to provide safe, reliable In The Home protection for years using..

Vinyl Door Mural “Book Case” – Fire-Rated

MADE EXCLUSIVELY AND SOLD BY ALZSTORE: These high resolution, full color door mu..

Automatic Medication Dispenser – Extra Battery

An extra battery for any of the MedReady Automatic Medication Dispensers (item #..

Pill Box Dispenser – Med-e-lert

The Med-e-lert pill dispenser has 28 compartments sized for 18 aspirin sized pil..

Patient Monitor With Remote Voice Alert

Keeping track of your patient’s movements can be a primary concern for any lov..

I Got It!” Card Game

Middle Stage: To play "I Got It" each player is dealt five regular size playing ..

Creating Moments Of Joy DVD

Look beyond the challenges of Alzheimer's disease and focus on creating individu..

Magic Painting Book

A magic painting book like you’ve never seen before, with wonderful vibrant co..

Freedom GPS Locator Watch – Lok8u

Our GPS watch for Alzheimer's and dementia patients, known as the "Freedom Watch..

One Button Radio

It is truly astonishing how music can impact the mind and memory. We have seen s..

Stove Fire Prevention by FireAvert

The FireAvert Stove Fire Prevention as seen on Shark Tank is plug-in ready. Your..

Fiddle Hand Muffs

Fiddle HAND Muffs are a type of sensory band, generally a pocket or glove with a..

Teepa Snow DVDs – It’s All In Your Approach

In this program, Teepa Snow teaches how a person with dementia perceives his/her..

Fire-Rated Door Mural American Icon

There’s the door, let’s go.” But if the door is not so recognizable, the l..


These dinnerware products incorporate features which make food far easier to see..

Curious Kittens DVD

Watch these cute, cuddly, furry kittens frolic and play as only kittens can. Bro..

Mattress Protector – Save-a-Sheet

No need to strip the entire bed to change dirty sheets in the middle of the nigh..

Deluxe Bath Cape

Stay warm and cozy after leaving a bath or shower. The Bath Cape is a luxurious,..

Ungame for Seniors

When landing on an "If You..." space, the player should read the statement aloud..

Thumball Memory Activity

Thumball is a memory activity game that also enhances dexterity and hand/eye coo..

Puppy Tales DVD

Laugh at the antics of more than an hour of adorable puppies getting into troubl..

Refrigerator Latches

Dangers lurk in the refrigerator, especially for those in the middle and later s..

GPS Locator Watch – TriLoc™

GPS Personal Locator was designed specifically for individuals with Alzheimer's,..

Wireless Remote Alarm Pad For Bed and Chair

One problem frequently encountered by caregivers is that patients may try to get..

Partner Plus Communication Device

The Partner Plus Communication Device is a single message communicator made for ..

Activity Pillow

These colorful, denim, sensory stimulation activity pillows were designed specia..

Door Guardian

This ingenious, strong Alzheimer’s door lock requires no key and does not look..

Day and Night Clock

Seniors and patients with dementia sometimes have difficulty differentiating bet..

ART Ball – A Fidget Toy

Limitless Creativity, while Fidgeting, in the Palm of Your Hand. For those with..

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