Category : Dining

Table Setting Placemat – Non-Slip

Setting the table is one of those tasks which are low risk and yet engages with ..

Table Top Illuminator

Blys™ is a sleek, modern light source designed with the specific needs of elde..

Weighted Cutlery

Elegant in style, these stainless steel, weighted utensils are designed to help ..


Attractive and dignified, NEATsheets are disposable, sanitary and easily adhere ..

Drinking Straws~Set of 5

Our One-Way drinking straw is constructed for seniors and people with dementia, ..

Adult Bibs – Reversible

Get two bibs in one! These attractive adult bibs are the perfect clothing protec..

Plate Guard for Eating

Plate Guard is a unique "spill guard" that promotes independence while minimizin..

Safety Glassware

Safety Glassware is a must for the Alzheimer and Dementia communities as well as..

Stove Fire Prevention by FireAvert

The FireAvert Stove Fire Prevention as seen on Shark Tank is plug-in ready. Your..


These dinnerware products incorporate features which make food far easier to see..

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