Category : Safety For Seniors

Motion Detector Night Light

The perfect, low-cost solution for patients who wander or frequently get up at n..

Invisible Cabinet Lock – Extra Key

It's always smart to have extra keys on hand for the cabinet lock!..

Motion Detector Night Light

The perfect, low-cost solution for patients who wander or frequently get up at n..

Automatic Wheelchair Rollback Lock

A wheelchair may be the most useful medical device at your disposal, but routine..

Refrigerator Lock For Adults – With Padlock

There can be a symptom in dementia where the person's appetite is insatiable. Ce..

The Simple Lifting Aid

Just what caregivers have been asking for, this simple lifting aid is easy-to-us..

Wheelchair Anti-Tipping Device

The “anti-tippers” attach to any wheelchair and, like training wheels, and p..

Fall Prevention Alarm

This high-quality fall prevention alarm is different from others because, instea..

Extra Motion Detector – Voice Alert

It a smart idea to have an extra Motion Detector For The Patient Monitor With Re..

Automatic Medication Dispenser – Replacement Lid

Here is a replacement lid for MedReady Automatic Medication Dispenser(item #0032..

Safe Glider Rocker

Here’s a safe, comfortable, rocking glider that also remembers to lock itself ..

Grab & Pull

Grab & Pull is an easy-to-pull handle that easily attaches to the seatbelt w..

“I Have a Condition” Cards

"I Have A Condition" Cards are subtle, dignified cards that can be used to alert..

Automatic Stove/Oven Control

The CookStop Automatic Oven Control can be used to limit the times when the oven..

Lift Chair/Recliner

For those who have difficulty standing up from their easy chair, this lift chair..

The E-Z Out Car Door Handle

The E-Z Out Door Handle is an ingenious “handle” that fits into the U-shaped..

Automotive Battery Disconnect Switch

With our Automotive Battery Disconnect Switch a simple twist of a knob provides ..

Automatic Medication Dispenser – Extra Tray Carousel

In case you need to replace the tray carousel on any of the Automatic Medication..

Automatic Medication Dispenser – Extra Key

Be sure to always have an extra key on hand for any of the Automatic Medication ..

Electronic Pill Box Dispenser – MedQ

The electronic pill box dispenser is offered in Blue and White. The two colors, ..

Automatic Pill Dispenser – MedReady

Select from the famous MedReady pill dispensers and find the device that is righ..

Car Seatbelt Emergency ID Pocket

What would happen to your loved one if, while driving them somewhere, you were d..

Automatic Stove Shut Off Device – iGuardStove

The iGuardStove automatically shuts off your stove when it sees that you have be..

Medication Lock Box for Seniors

Our Medication Lock Box is a key-locking chest that also can be secured to cabin..

Please Be Patient Alzheimer’s Cards

Use these cards to discreetly let someone know that your loved one has Alzheimer..

Invisible Cabinet Lock

With the Invisible Cabinet Lock you cannot open the cabinet door unless you know..

Automatic Medication Dispenser – Extra Battery

An extra battery for any of the MedReady Automatic Medication Dispensers (item #..

Pill Box Dispenser – Med-e-lert

The Med-e-lert pill dispenser has 28 compartments sized for 18 aspirin sized pil..

Patient Monitor With Remote Voice Alert

Keeping track of your patient’s movements can be a primary concern for any lov..

Mattress Protector – Save-a-Sheet

No need to strip the entire bed to change dirty sheets in the middle of the nigh..

Refrigerator Latches

Dangers lurk in the refrigerator, especially for those in the middle and later s..

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