“Who in all of history, do you wish you could sit and have a conversation with?”

Of course no one can answer that question for you, but doubtless your answer would be the name of someone whose life was in some way an inspiration to yours. Some figure from the distant or recent past, or even the present, whose attitude, actions, perspective or thinking has inspired you and helped forge the best parts of your personality.

I have always loved to read. One of my fondest memories of childhood was passing by my parent’s bedroom and seeing my father with his nightlight on, reading late into the evening. A single bulb night lamp illuminating his book in the dark room always struck me as having a reverential mystique to it.

Why read? At times it is easy for me to fall prey to the dark voices of fear and resentment as I struggle with the challenges of taking care of Linda as her disease carries her further and further away from me. So I call upon old friends, my favorite authors, whose words fly off the pages and fill me with the wisdom culled from the challenges and joys of their own lives.

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.

Mason Cooley

The beautiful thing about reading is that there are countless people that have suffered and they articulate their lessons in a way that can abbreviate our struggle.

Why not sit at the feet of the artists and poets, philosophers and scientists who have distilled the wisdom of countless ages into bite size lessons that can give us wings?

I love to read uplifting and inspiring stories that contribute to the journey I am on!
Many people have suffered so mercilessly and found the inner strength to persevere in a way that emboldened them to live extraordinary lives. So many men and women have had the courage and the rebelliousness to look at life differently than the rest of the world and share their vision for others to follow. Thinkers and dreamers whose ideas have changed not just what we think but how we think, whose words can still be as close to us as our bedside table.

The very thought that we can stand in front of our bookshelves (or our Kindle!) and be in the presence of the greatest minds in history is almost incomprehensible.

These days, I often turn to the stories of other caregivers whose forbearance serve as an inspiration to me and remind me that there is a community of caregivers who understand exactly what my challenges are!

I can choose books to be inspired, uplifted, educated, or simply as an escape if I need a vacation from my struggles. As a chiropractor, I never tire of reading about the far-reaching implications that making healthy choices have in our lives.

Being a caregiver to a Loved One with Alzheimer’s can occupy some of the best years of our lives.

To make a personal declaration that these years will be committed to discovering the highest attributes within ourselves
not only serves us personally, but also allows us to give extraordinary care to the ones we love!



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