Alzstore Gift Certificate

Simply choose the gift amount, enter recipient's email address along with a pers..

SAFENBED™ Bed Exit Alarm

Be there when help is needed - regardless of age, most people need 7 – 8 hours..

Table Setting Placemat – Non-Slip

Setting the table is one of those tasks which are low risk and yet engages with ..

Pull Cord Alarm – AliMed

The IQ Mini Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm features a small design to help deter patie..

36 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

These 36 piece puzzles are ideal for individuals suffering from Alzheimer's dise..

Motion Detector Night Light

The perfect, low-cost solution for patients who wander or frequently get up at n..

Therapeutic Junior Teddy Bears

The Junior Bears have all the charm and sweetness of the Therapeutic Teddy Bear,..

Table Top Illuminator

Blys™ is a sleek, modern light source designed with the specific needs of elde..

Weighted Teddy Bear

A furry animal friend can help calm a dementia patient and soothe aches and pain..

Invisible Cabinet Lock – Extra Key

It's always smart to have extra keys on hand for the cabinet lock!..

Jigsaw Wooden Puzzle – 20 Piece

Memory Jogging Puzzles are used to rebuild cognitive skills and stimulate memori..

Therapeutic Elephant

A furry animal friend can help calm a child, soothe aches and pains, speed heali..