Ungame for Seniors

When landing on an "If You..." space, the player should read the statement aloud..

Thumball Memory Activity

Thumball is a memory activity game that also enhances dexterity and hand/eye coo..

Puppy Tales DVD

Laugh at the antics of more than an hour of adorable puppies getting into troubl..

Refrigerator Latches

Dangers lurk in the refrigerator, especially for those in the middle and later s..

GPS Locator Watch – TriLoc™

GPS Personal Locator was designed specifically for individuals with Alzheimer's,..

Wireless Remote Alarm Pad For Bed and Chair

One problem frequently encountered by caregivers is that patients may try to get..

Partner Plus Communication Device

The Partner Plus Communication Device is a single message communicator made for ..

Activity Pillow

These colorful, denim, sensory stimulation activity pillows were designed specia..

Door Guardian

This ingenious, strong Alzheimer’s door lock requires no key and does not look..

Day and Night Clock

Seniors and patients with dementia sometimes have difficulty differentiating bet..

ART Ball – A Fidget Toy

Limitless Creativity, while Fidgeting, in the Palm of Your Hand. For those with..