• I attended Joko’s and David’s seminar in Ridgefield, CT and left their presentation not only with a much better understanding of the challenges facing caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients but with a profound admiration for their personal story and commitment to share their experience. The subject for me is very difficult and intense as my mother suffers from this terrible illness. Joko’s and David’s fast pace, optimistic presentation style full of practical advice certainly gave me new tools to deal with the many challenges. It takes two very special and knowledgeable persons to talk about this extremely difficult illness and Joko and David are clearly these two persons.

    Yves Coleon

    CEO Transmark Partners

  • I had occasion to attend an inspiring and informative meeting co-hosted by Dr. David Davis and Joko Gilbert on the topic of Caregiver Support. During these 90 minutes or so, we heard the experience of how David successfully coped with the rigorous task of caring for his wife Linda’s protracted final illness.

    Joko and David present what is essentially organized as a handbook for coping skills, from the spiritual to the strategic, to meet the emotional and physical stress of family members who may be the primary caregiver for a permanently disabled loved one, now or in the future. Given the prevalence, this has become an import topic for discussion in our society. Joko and David have brought their holistic health background to this important work of speaking to and supporting ordinary people who currently may be in extraordinarily demanding circumstances. I applaud them both.

    Andrew Hochberg

    Insurance Broker

  • A genuinely moving seminar, spoken from the heart. Support for the caregiver is soooo necessary! I laughed and I cried, and not only felt a sense of camaraderie, but also came away with such vital and useful insight. Finally, hope and inspiration for the caregiver!”

    Rhonda Lackow

    Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist

  • I was very moved by the Support the Caregiver seminar I attended. I have known many people who have been impacted by this dreadful disease. I know how family members and friends, overwhelmed by loss and sadness, need help, encouragement and guidance. Losing hope and feeling alone can be crippling effects to a caregiver. I sat and listened to Joko’s calming voice as she explained how she can provide help and support to others in dire need. I could feel her warmth and genuine compassion for others. The world is a kinder, gentler place with her willingness to open her heart to care for others in this way. David’s story is one of true love. He devoted his life to lovingly care for his wife Linda. Witnessing someone you love disappear and waste away leaves a profound and lingering sense of depression and despair. It makes any mortal wonder how he was able to reach past such extreme blinding pain to become an inspiration for healing and growth. His powerful energy and openness were compelling as he told us about his fears, his struggles and his healing journey. He urged us all to look within our souls to find our inner strength. He is an amazing role model and mentor for anyone needing to find and embrace hope in the face of ultimate challenges and adversity. As I looked around the room, I saw people with tears of joy and relief knowing there is another way to look at their lives and the sadness in it.I left this seminar feeling uplifted, energized and grateful knowing thatthese two giving people exist. It isn’t just about Alzheimer’s… Any devastating situation begs for support. They are beautiful, giving, authentic people with a loving message. Amen.

    Francine Silberman

    President Asset Center Inc

  • I was in attendance at the May, 2016 Ridgefield, CT library seminar presented by Dr. David Davis and Ms. Joko Gilbert entitled “Healthy Caregiving for your Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias” and “The Caregiver’s Caregiver.”

    Dr. Davis spoke about what life was like caring for his wife as she progressed through (the later stages of) early onset Alzheimer’s. A loving and passionate man, he spoke about the challenges faced, many of which I was unaware.

    Dr. Davis credited his resilience and his survival to the love and support he received from his friend, Ms. Joko Gilbert. Ms. Gilbert encouraged participants to reach out to caregivers, who are in need, many of whom feel isolated, depressed, overwhelmed and at risk.

    An inspirational discussion about a very difficult topic presented with love and care.

    Steven D. Erde, DC

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