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If you are a primary caregiver or someone who would like to support a caregiver,
if you want to make some positive and life transforming changes in your life,
schedule a complimentary conversation with me.

We will speak for 15 minutes on Skype or FaceTime. It is important to ‘see’ each other, we will learn a lot more about each other by adding the visual component. Of course if you prefer we can just make it a regular phone call. During that time we’ll get to meet each other, I will learn a bit about you, who you are and how I could be of help to you. Together we’ll figure out if we are a good fit. We’ll talk about your life, your dreams, your future. I have seen and felt the pain of so many caregivers, I know at times you are feeling overwhelmed, hopeless and alone. I hear you. I get it, I truly do! I’m here for you. Schedule our conversation, only you can take that first step. Let’s begin to explore which changes can result in you having the life you imagine while caring for your Loved One!

My core values:

  • Live as if each day is my last
  • Love with all my heart and with no regrets
  • Serve others with kindness and compassion

Ask yourself:

What are the changes I would like to make
so that I can look at myself in the mirror at each day’s end
and feel good as a caregiver and remain true to myself?

My promise to you:


  • Initial 15 minute conversation – My gift to you

    Book a free session with me, via phone, Skype or FaceTime.
    Some of you will be inspired right away. Some of you might struggle with change, experience doubt and resistance. I get it. Change is huge! Our first and primary goal is for me to ‘get’ you, to understand your unique situation, so you can move forward with greater ease and implement the strategies that work for you, to create the most impact in your daily life as a caregiver.Reserve Now

  • Compassionate Care
    Book a session with me, via phone, Skype or Facetime, for caregivers, friends and family members.
    Together we identify which changes in your caregiving life are realistic for you and will make the most positive and transformative impact in your daily caregiving life.

    We will look at what is, what can be, which changes you would like to embrace and how to move forward incorporating these changes.

    This time of caregiving is one of the biggest challenges you face. The goal is to make your caregiving life easier, more manageable and for you to feel strong, peaceful and truly own these words: “I can do this, I can be healthy and experience joy while giving great care to my Loved One!”

    Extend the wealth of your compassion to yourself. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body will thank you.

    60 minutes – $95.00
    Reserve Now

  • Compassionate Care Gift

    If you’d like to support a caregiver and don’t quite know how, if your heart longs to help somehow, send a Compassionate Care Gift.
    Reserve Now

Refund policy

We walk the same path – supporting a Loved One with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias make us family!

With Love, Respect and never ending Hope,


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